Door To Door Freight

At End2End Supply Chain Limited, we take our delivery responsibility seriously. We bring your shipments on time and safely to any destination in the world.

e2e supplychain - air freight

We are professional depth in the area of Air Freighting. We are responsible
for quoting to various companies and individuals who would be willing to
bring in their consignment through this medium. We are professionals in the
area of Forward and Reverse Supply Chain Management.
In connection with our foreign partners we are able to organize the pick -up
of consignments for our clients in any country abroad and freight to their
doorstep in Nigeria. We are also able to airfreight such equipment from
Nigeria to any location in the world. Under this service medium, we
undertake the processing of repair and return certificates for equipment
going for repairs and then to return the equipment to our clients. By this, the
duty to be paid would be on the cost of repair alone.

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